We look forward to pesto season at Humble Pie all year. Seattle is not known for its sun, but this summer it did shine enough for us to grow enough fresh basil in our rooftop garden to garnish all of our Margherita pizzas with basil to spare. Instead of letting our extra basil go to waste, we used our final harvest to make delicious house-made pesto, which led to our early fall favorite Pesto Pizza. Our partnership with Bailey-Gatzert Elementary makes our annual Pesto Pizza Special taste extra delicious this year. 25% of the proceeds will go towards buying new recess equipment for our neighbors at Bailey-Gatzert Elementary, located 4 blocks North of Humble Pie on Yesler Ave. Proceeds will go directly to new equipment for students like rubber playground balls, bubbles, tetherball, and frisbees, and games such as chess and Uno. 

Making our pesto starts with one of our humble pizzaioli’s (or pizzamakers) harvesting fresh basil from our garden on top of our shed- you may have even seen one of them climbing up while eating at Humble Pie this summer. After blending basil leaves with organic olive oil and organic fresh garlic, we add local Beecher’s Cheddar to give our pesto its rich PNW flair. Finishing with organic nuts and a few adjustments to taste, our fresh basil is transformed into a bright, creamy pesto. To make our special pesto pie, we spread a hearty layer of pesto onto our classic crust, add clumps of fresh mozzarella, and finish with fresh organic red onion and organic cherry tomatoes. We bring this pizza back every year for a reason, just ask one of our pizzaoli’s- it’s delicious!

We hope to see you soon to give Seattle’s best pizza-with-a-purpose a try. Available until we run out of pesto at Humble Pie Seattle.

Check out the special on instagram! http://instagram.com/p/B3-Yow_AaPR