Humble Pie’s new special is an ode to pears, the soft and sweet treasure available year round in the in the Pacific Northwest. The special starts with thin slices of Washington-grown D’Anjou pears  a mozzarella base. Kalamata olives, Mama Lil’s chili oil, and fresh thyme from Humble Pie’s garden spice things up before cooking, and lemon-infused honey, crumbled gorgonzola, and lemon zest finish off this savory, sweet, “pear-fect” Seattle pizza.

Charcuterie lovers will love this special with pancetta, available for a buck extra. Swapping olives for pancetta keeps the salty zing of the pie while adding meaty satisfaction. If you like our apple bacon, you’re sure to love pear pancetta!

Call in to order this pie today, available while ingredients last.