We are offering a special price for the ultimate Humble Pie dinner for two. Call in or swing by to take any Humble Pie pizza, small house salad, and choice of Orizzonti Sangiovese (red) or WA Sagelands Pinot Gris (white) home for just $35. Whether enjoyed under candlelight or cozied up on the couch, this meal will elevate your night-in without breaking the bank.

You can check our full selection of pizzas here. Equal options of veggie and meat pies ensure there’s a favorite for everyone, from the meat loaded Whole Hog to the vegetarian Field Roast pie with local Mama Lips Peppers, deliciously made vegan upon request. Our house salad comes with organic arugula dressed in a house-made balsamic vinaigrette with organic pickled onions, organic cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, and goat cheese. Orizzonti Sangiovese (Red) or Sagelands Pinot Gris (White) are included with the special, however our full wine list is available at Humble Pie.

Call us at 206.329.5133 to place your order and we will have it ready for pick-up shortly. Or, call ahead and let us know when you would like it ready!  Our modified hours are 4-9pm, Tuesday through Sunday.

Thank you for supporting local and stay well. We hope to dine together soon!


shows the dinner for two special pizza, salad, and wine options

Dinner for two special featuring the roasted garlic with mushrooms and gorgonzola pizza and both wine options.