9 01, 2020

Potato Leek Special


The Potato Leek special is a new take on an old Humble Pie favorite: potato pizza. While peppery potatoes and bright organic leeks steal the show, rich gorgonzola and Beecher's Flagship Cheddar add deep, creamy goodness to this winter pie. The hearty texture of potato layered on top of crunchy, oven-roasted crust is a combo not to miss out on. Come reunite with an old friend or give potato pizza a try- available as of 1/7, while ingredients [...]

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11 12, 2019

Polenta and Oxtail Ragu Special


This special is a deliciously deconstructed dish! Featuring a creamy polenta base, oxtail braised in red wine, tomato and Sichuanese peppercorns, topped with fresh basil and Parmigiano Reggiano. Tasty modifications to suit vegetarian and vegan diets available. Seattle pizza with distinctly Italian flair. Available as of 12/6, while ingredients last.  

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5 11, 2019

Top Celebrity Look-Alikes as Our Pizzas


Ever thought our pizza's looked too familiar? 5. Kit Harrington and the Uli's Sausage Pizza 4. Ellen DeGeneres and the Smoked Eggplant 3. Will Smith and the Clam Special (November '18) 2. Emma Watson and the Apple Walnut 1. Sylvester Stallone and the Fresh Margherita

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24 10, 2019

Pesto Special benefitting Bailey-Gatzert Elementary


      We look forward to pesto season at Humble Pie all year. Seattle is not known for its sun, but this summer it did shine enough for us to grow enough fresh basil in our rooftop garden to garnish all of our Margherita pizzas with basil to spare. Instead of letting our extra basil go to waste, we used our final harvest to make delicious house-made pesto, which led to our early fall favorite Pesto Pizza. Our partnership [...]

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