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Did You Know?

  • We’ve received recognition for our food AND our sustainability?

  • We grow many of our organic ingredients on site?

  • Our architect-owner built our space to the absolute highest LEED standards?

  • Our compost/recycling:waste ratio is a whopping 30:1 and has won us awards?


Our customers become our friends; don’t be surprised when our team learns your name!

All or our employees are paid equally and fulfill all roles – together.

We support & partner with local artists and musicians with exhibits and open mics.

We’re community activists, leading projects such as raising $10000 for the Weller Mural.

We are proud to support more than 14 local charity organizations and community initiatives.

We feed anyone in need, no questions asked. More than 10,000 meals so far.


Humble Pie on King5 Evening

  Hey! That's us! Humble Pie was recently featured for being Seattle's sustainable pizza on local King 5 Evening. We loved showing their team around and sharing what we do, from the wood fired oven, solar panels, fresh eggs from the chicken coop, to the [...]


Have a question? Want us to provide food for your next work meeting or event? Get in touch anytime.
*Please note: if this is time-sensitive, please call in to (206) 329-5133!

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To order pizza please call: (206) 329-5133!

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