Most Sustainable Business in Seattle!

We were thrilled to be a finalist for Most Sustainable Business in Seattle, and equally proud of our friends at Fremont Brewing who took top prize for their efforts in creating WA’s first organic hop farm. We have their Lush IPA on tap right now, and many more to come!

Do you know ?

Check them out; they are amazing, and we are serving their Seattle grown apples!

“Urban fruit trees are a valuable community resource, yet often fruit goes unused because people are not sure when to harvest it, how to best use it, or they are put off by damage caused by preventable disease and pests. We are reclaiming the urban orchard, showing people how to harvest what they need, and to share the rest with others. We help tree owners grow healthy fruit, provide assistance in harvesting and preserving fruit, promote the sharing of extra fruit, and work to protect urban fruit trees.”

Free Hops!


We’ve got a ton of them and they are ready to harvest. They are growing here naturally, so I don’t know the variety, but they smell super lemony. Maybe you will let us taste the beer you make with them?