Humble Pie opened its gates on July 10, 2013, and we have been serving up wood fired artisanal pizza and the best local beer we can find ever since.


Picture credits: Brian Chu

Humble Pie was built to the highest LEED standards by the owner, a LEED certified contractor. (LEED only certifies buildings larger than 1000 sf and so hp is not certified). The buildings are made from FSC certified lumber and 2 recycled shipping containers. 2 green roofs, one edible and the other succulents, help us process 100% of rain water on site. We use all Energy Star or used equipment, including a .8gpf Niagara single flush toilet, high efficiency tankless water heater, and 100% LED lighting. As a neighborhood restaurant, we encourage walking and biking, and feature parking for 18 bikes. We have 18 WA made solar pv panels on site, and the rest or our energy comes from wind in partnership with Cascadia Energy. We love local farming, and we have our own demonstration garden and chickens, which also produce ingredients that we serve. 100% of fresh produce is organic, and almost all ingredients are sourced from Washington. We have a zero waste policy; only onion skins and apple cores are thrown away (composted). 100% of what we serve is either recyclable or compostable, allowing us to keep the ratio of garbage to recycling/compost produced at 1 to 30.  In 2016 we were awarded “most sustainable business in Little Saigon” by FOLS, and in 2017 we were a finalist for ‘most sustainable business in Seattle’ by Sustainable Seattle.

Humble Pie is truly a neighborhood restaurant, and a place where people know each other’s names. We support our community through partnering with local farms and producers such as City Grown, which provides us with Seattle grown vegetables, and Uli’s, located just a thousand feet away, who provide us with antibiotic free Mennonite raised sausage. We also lead community projects such as the Weller Mural, for which we raised more than $10,000 and partnered with artists from our neighborhood artist building Hiawatha. We are actively involved in neighborhood meetings and planning, and we support neighborhood organizations such as Friends of Little Saigon and Friends of Mount Baker and many others. In 2016 we donated $100 or more to more than 14 organizations. We also have a policy of feeding anyone in need, no questions asked. We serve more than 350 free meals per year.